4th Generation Tree

Our family has served the Central Coast and its trees for over 75 years. Our goal is to improve the lives of our employees and clients, strengthen the communities we work for, and conserve our planet's resources and beauty.

Contractor's license: CA LIC #1036114

Certified Arborist license: WE-12338A


4GT employees participate in daily safety meetings, rigorous in-house safety programs, and follow industry specific safety publications. We comply with OSHA and ANSI standards, and all local, state and federal regulations.

4GT puts safety first on the jobsite!

Property Assessment

A 4GT arborist will meet with the property owner or representative on-site to provide in-depth information concerning proper tree or shrub care and maintenance.

Arborist Reports

This report, typically provided to homeowners, builders, developers, and regulatory agencies for use with environmental impact reports and/or construction and building permits, provides a specific written evaluation for a given tree or group of trees. The report identifies trees by genius and species. It also includes technical information as well as recommendations to enhance the health and value of the tree or trees.

Plant Evaluations

When a plant or tree loss has occurred, due to events such as fire, storms, vandalism, or vehicle damage, an arborist will assess the extent of damaged or destroyed vegetation and compile an appraisal with a dollar valuation.

Tree removal & stump grinding

4GT removal operations are performed according to ISA and ANSI 300 industry standards, but most importantly, according to our customer needs. Our staff is knowledgeable and trained to take safe, minimally invasive, and proper care when removing your tree. Stump grinding is provided on a per customer basis and done according to job requirements.

Tree planting

4GT has the knowledge to properly select the right tree, shrub, or bush for the available space, clearance, shade, climate, and aesthetics. We insure a safe and secure install, tree establishment, and customer satisfaction of all newly planted trees. Tree planting is done in accordance with ISA and ANSI 300 industry standards.

Tree trimming

Our arborists are educated and trained to promote the health and visual appeal of your trees. We practice the most up-to-date pruning methods and follow all industry standards. Tree pruning includes reducing the risk of failure, providing building and walk-way clearance, reducing shade and wind resistance, maintaining health, influencing fruit or fruit protection, improving view lines, and aesthetics.

Emergency response

4GT is available 24-hours, 7-days per week, and on holidays to respond to emergency needs. Our EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM will do what is necessary to render the hazardous tree or tree- related condition until the following business day or until all corrective measures can be performed.



We split and resell seasoned oak, eucalyptus, and pine to local residents.


Mulch is made from coarse ground branches and leaves. Mulch improves moisture retention at trees root base and keeps root temperatures constant, helps with weed control and is aesthetically pleasing. Should be spread at a rate of six to twelve inches for best effect.


Morgan Scovell, Certified Arborist

The grandson of Steve Alvarez, long-time Central Coast arborists, Presidential consultant and owner-operator of A&T Arbor Tree Surgery, grandson of Chuck Scovell, long-time Central Coast arborist and owner-operator of Scovell Tree Surgery, great-grandson of the late Richard Alvarez, long-time Central Coast arborist, inventor, Author, Presidential consultant and owner-operator of Arbor Tree Surgery, was born with a knack for tree care. He is the youngest Certified Arborist in California, began working with his Grandpa and Dad at the age of 10, and started his own tree business at 15-years old.

Morgan was a decorated athlete lettering in both baseball and football at Templeton High School, played right field and quarterback for the Eagles, and graduated in 2018. Since, he has focused on achieving his Certified Arborist credential and growing 4th Generation Tree with his mother, McKenzie Guenther. Morgan continues to better himself through business training programs, professional business coaching, education programs, and rigorous industry training programs. Morgan spends his free time helping his Dad and Grandpa coach his younger brother and his youth baseball team, spending time with his 2 little sisters, helping on the family ranch, and working on the tractors and farm equipment.

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